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Udicat, for companies in the era of Big Data !

Welcome to decision making 4.0

Whatever your digital transformation projects are, Udicat supports you by providing the services and tools you need.

Expert in Business Intelligence, the startup Udicat is specialized in Microsoft technologies.

Our team follows you and advises you during all the stages of your BI project. You can also choose not to take any risks, thanks to our managed and turnkey Business Intelligence solution: Bineo.


When Udicat talks about Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) is a set of tools and services allowing different decision-makers to have an overview of their activities, in order to be able to make decisions. BI systems make it possible to refine a company’s data to perform very precise analysis.

A Business Intelligence solution will collect the data in management tools (CRM, ERP, etc.), store them, process them and then return them thanks to Dataviz tools.

Dataviz are the most known elements of a BI system because they are the visible part of it. They take the form of reports or Dashboards displaying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and curves showing the activity of the company.

The invisible part of a Business Intelligence system is very complex because it is made up of many elements and requires very precise know-how. It includes the storage, security, processing and monitoring of data quality. This is the part that gives meaning to Dataviz and provides secure and ultra-precise information.

Together, let's increase your performance !

At Udicat we want to provide companies wishing to create or improve their Business Intelligence system with all our know-how in this area. Indeed, thanks to the accumulated experience of the founders in data processing and the implementation or maintenance of decision-making systems, we are qualified to act on all the tasks related to complex Business Intelligence projects.

In addition to the standard expert assessment services that we offer, Udicat has developed a managed and turnkey BI solution, operating by subscription without commitments.

Udicat - Solutions personnalisables

Custom solutions

Depending on your industry, your work habits and the specific needs of your business, our services and tools are adapted to guarantee you simple and relevant use.

A managed BI system

Our Bineo solution offers you access to a high-performance BI system, in just a few days. Its fully scalable infrastructure guarantees its sustainability over time.

Udicat - Des solutions de BI managées
Udicat - Aide au pilotage de la performance

Quality services

Udicat is committed to the results of its services, thus sparing you the risks associated with decision-making systems installation projects.

What is managed BI?


Udicat allows companies to unload all the complexity of creating, evolving, migrating or maintaining a Business Intelligence system. Indeed, we offer a managed Business Intelligence solution: Bineo.

Managed BI offers companies the opportunity to free themselves from the technical part and focus only on their core businesses and decision-making.

It also allows companies to no longer have to make heavy investments in risky projects and benefit much more quickly from functioning BI systems. A managed system follows the evolution of the business by adapting the infrastructure to its real needs.

Bineo, la solution de BI managée et clé en main

Our managed BI solution

A quality Business Intelligence system, tailor-made and risk free.

Bineo is a complete, non-binding and fully managed Business Intelligence system. It allows you to simply manage your activity and in complete autonomy thanks to tailor-made tools and services.

The vast majority of Dataviz tools and data management tools (if you already have some) are compatible with the Bineo solution. This allows you not to change your work habits but to considerably increase your performances and your confidence when making important decisions.

Thanks to a clear, fully flexible implementation process and services with a commitment to results, you will be able to easily manage your BI project while avoiding the associated risks!

Its management, by customizable subscriptions, allows you to benefit from the best performance / cost ratio at any time.

The expertise at your service

If your need is not to obtain a latest generation BI system but simply the maintenance of your current system or a very specific problem concerning Data, Udicat is at your disposal.

Please let us know what you need and we will be happy to help you.

Technical expertise

Collection, Processing, Storage, Dataviz, Activation.
Whatever your need, we can intervene.

BI Service Center

Let our team of experts manage the maintenance and evolution of your decision-making system.


We support you through all the stages involved in your digital transformation projects.

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