Bineo, the managed BI solution !

The new generation of decision-making systems.

What if all you had to do was choose the Dashboards and reports that are useful to you (with or without an existing BI system) to get an overview of your business ?

Installation in less than a week, no-obligation subscription and satisfaction guaranteed. The managed BI is perfect for you.

Let yourself be tempted by Bineo, you will not be disappointed !

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What is Bineo ?

A managed and all-inclusive BI system,
by subscription without commitment.

Bineo, la solution de BI managée et clé en main

A complete system

Bineo is a business intelligence system that works across the entire BI chain: from collection to Dataviz.

Bineo fully adapts to your business. Indeed, most of the tools on the market are compatible with it. This allows you to improve your performance without changing your work habits.

In addition to collecting, processing and securely storing your data, Bineo offers default reports and Dashboards with Power BI and Reporting services.

Risk free

Bineo allows you to know in advance what you’re going to get. The solution also gives your business the possibility to grow and evolve without having to worry about the sustainability of its Business Intelligence system. Bineo adapts in real time to your company and the tools you use.

The installation process of the Bineo system guarantees you a result that meets your expectations and allows you to avoid the investment (Capex). In fact, you only pay once your system is operational and only if the criteria for success are validated.

A versatile solution

Who is it for ?

Bineo is a solution for companies who want to set up an efficient decision-making system but without having the time or the envy to manage the risk associated with such a project.

Bineo is also a solution for updating, replacing or supplementing an existing system.

Thanks to its different plans, the solution adapts to all business sizes.


Why Bineo ?

The advantages of the solution

Financial gains

A no-obligation subscription that includes infrastructure and licenses.

The system is fully scalable, it follows the evolution of your business.

Take advantage of the global vision of your activity to optimize your actions, expenses and investments.

Time savings

Bineo is a turnkey system. Its deployment only takes a few days.

Create and manage your workspaces and KPIs in just a few seconds.

Access your data independently.

No longer wait until you are in the office to react to a KPI alert (predictive or instantaneous).

Performance gains

Manage the subscription, your tools and your infrastructure in just a few clicks from the admin center.

Perform analysis quickly with an overview of your business.

Bineo’s structure and components promote Big Data and provide easy access to AI.

To each business its advantages

Bineo is a solution that brings benefits to every business in a company. Its primary goal is to facilitate access to data and make it more reliable and of high quality.

The three Bineo tools allow all users to improve their performance and efficiency.

Decision-makers (strategic, tactical, operational)

Alerts, the portal and its ease of use/modification, as well as permanent access without a dedicated workstation, improve the responsiveness, the visibility and the autonomy of decision-makers.

Data analysts / management controllers

The ease of access and use of data, the management of user rights and the customization of the portal, enable analysts and management controllers to gain in Efficiency, Autonomy and Performance.

BI project managers

The Bineo implementation process, subscription management and the administration center, allow BI project managers to gain in Credibility, Simplicity and Visibility.

Bineo's architecture

An infrastructure tailored for Big Data

Architecture Big Data de la solution Bineo

A quick set-up

All available in just a few days !

It retrieves the data from the information system and feeds it back to Bineo.

It covers most data sources.

Stores all data received, it is designed to do Big Data.

Gives secure access for Data Analysts / Scientists.

It reconciles operational data and shares it for provision in real time.


Organizes data governance, which is essential to guarantee the quality of reference data.

Structures the data, stores the facts and indicators.

Provides baseline data for analysis and decision making.

Easy access to data from the Data Warehouse.

Guaranteed interoperability with market restitution tools.



Performance always

Your three everyday tools

Mobile Application

Alerts, KPIs, Discussions

BI portal

Centralization, Creation, Sharing

Administration center

Management, Security, Quality

Safety first

Bineo guarantees the confidentiality of your data

During all stages of Business Intelligence :


The collection of your data is done in accordance with your security rules.


All your stored data are encrypted to ensure confidentiality.


Access to your data is secure, you control the access rights of your users.

During all our processes :

Respect of the RGPD


Implementation of the standard ISO/IEC 27001

Logo norme Iso 27001

All-inclusive and non-binding offers

Choose the plan that's right for you

Each Bineo plan includes:

– Software licenses (Power BI, Reporting services, etc.),

– The infrastructure,

– Services and tools,

– Maintenance and updating.

All of them are designed to allow you to perform precise, high-performance analysis, regardless of the size of your business and the amount of data you must manage. Bineo guarantees the optimal functioning of your decision-making system.

Each of the plans is configured to optimize the cost/performance of your system by charging you only for what is strictly necessary.

Any subscription can be put on Stand-by when not in use.

On demande

The potential from
184 / month
Premier choix

24 / 7

The unlimited from
4990 / month


The tailor-made
Contact us

New on Bineo ?

Here is how to proceed to enjoy Bineo

Have a look

Access free for 48 hours to the Bineo account of our home-made Distrysis company.

Try it !

Use our trial plan for free during
1 month to try Bineo in real conditions.


Choose the plan that suits you the most and start enjoying Bineo to the fullest.

Here's what you will have with Bineo !

Demonstration videos

Frequently asked questions about Bineo

Once your plan and Dashboard choices are made, setting up Bineo is done in less than a week. You will therefore be able to benefit from it in 7 days.

All of our plans include Power BI licenses, so you can create and edit Dashboards to share them on the Bineo portal.

Udicat supports you in choosing your subscription.

You can always start with a Starter or Enterprise subscription and then change later, depending on your needs.

Our price list explaining what each plan contains is available on request.

Ready to begin ? Let's start by creating you a free Bineo account

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